For patients

Panacare is just a dial away! It is easy to use and accessible at any time. All that’s needed is for you to register and you can immediately access your healthcare services!

Panacare encrypts all the data so sessions are anonymous and none of your information is stored without your consent. Rest assured that your medical records are kept secure!



For Doctors

Panacare provides doctors an opportunity to expand their practice and provide a world-class healthcare experience all through.

With a live face-to-face consultation, you can attend to a patient via video conference.

As a service provider, we understand that sometimes you can run late. Therefore, we have embedded a calendar and notification tool to let you know who’s in the queue and at what time you will give your next consultation.


Pana + care

Our platform helps long-term care facilities deliver an end-to-end patient monitoring program for older people or people with Diabetes and Hypertension.

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